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February 2024 UBE MEE Essay Predictions


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The Good Stuff

This document, as always, should be used to better focus your area of studies for the upcoming UBE Bar Exam. We cannot make any guarantees as to our bar exam predictions and always encourage students to study every subject that could be tested on the UBE Bar Exam.

Without further ado, here are UBE Bar Bible, LLC’s predictions for the February 2024 UBE MEE Bar Exam Essay Predictions (in no particular order):

1. Contracts

2. Family Law w/ Conflict of Laws

3. Real Property

4. Evidence

5. Civil Procedure

6. Wills

Wild card*: Constitutional Law and/or Agency & Partnership

A closer look at our predictions

The UBE bar exam covers a vast majority of legal rules within each subject. The wealth of information contained within each essay subject is one of the reasons the UBE bar exam is difficult to pass. However, the bar examiners love retesting issues and focusing their attention to specific legal rules that are tested over and over again. Based on this pattern and drawing from past exams, we have compiled a list of hot topics for the predicted subjects:


Anticipatory repudiation; substantial performance; expectation/consequential damages; duty to mitigate; firm offer; option contracts; revocations; modifications; mutual assent; statute of frauds; UCC buyer’s remedies.


Common law marriage; validity of marriage in one state; enforceability of premarital agreements; spousal and child support/custody; adoption; full faith and credit.


Formation tenancy/leasehold; landlord/tenant rights and duties; subleases v. assignments; warranties on titles and home builders; types of deeds; bona fide purchasers and shelter rule; adverse possession; easements.


Relevance/probative value; bad acts/character evidence; hearsay/exceptions/non-hearsay; confrontation clause; exclusionary rule; confessions; best evidence rule; lay/expert opinion; privilege.


Personal jurisdiction; subject matter jurisdiction venue; service of process; summary judgment; leave to amend; discovery; work product; preliminary injunctions; impleader; motions; erie doctrine.


Will formation; incorporation by reference; codicils; holographic wills; pretermitted heirs; intestate; advancement/satisfaction; anti-lapse statutes; disclaimers; undue influence; inheritance.


Equal Protection; Commerce powers; Dormant Commerce Clause; 11th Amendment; First Amendment freedom of speech.


Partnership requirements; authority of partnership; rights and duties of partners; LP/LLPs; dissolution/withdrawal; actual/apparent authority; vicarious liability; independent contractor/employee; agency relationship; contracts and agent liability; ratification – agent contract; winding up/termination.

February 2024 UBE MEE Essay Predictions
February 2024 UBE Essay Predictions

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